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ENG Teen Center - Permits and Code of Conduct

  1. Leaving the Building and/or Park *
    Please note that, once they arrive, we expect teens to be present for the duration of the program unless they are getting picked up early by a parent or guardian. Please also note that staff members NEVER leave the building to walk teens home. Teens are watched/monitored when they are inside the building, riding the bus/van, and when doing a supervised activity outdoors.
  2. Code of Conduct / Transportation Policies
    Please review the Code of Conduct below, with special attention to the transportation policies, prior to answering the following question. Thank you!
  3. Code of Conduct 2
  4. Code of Conduct Agreement*
  5. Thank You!
    Thanks for your help in making sure teens comply with the expectations and keep a positive attitude, so we can maintain a safe environment for everyone.
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