How do I have the flag removed?
If there was no flagging error, you must:

• Pay the total amount due on all citations and pay the MVA administrative flag fee.
• Obtain a VR119 flag release form (“Traffic Control/Parking Fine Receipt”) from the Walk in payment center at 4040 Blackburn Lane, Burtonsville, MD 20866
• Provide to MVA a copy of the VR119 form, which informs them to release the registration flag

The citizen may have to pay an additional $30.00 re-instatement fee to MVA upon receipt of their new registration.

There is a weekly process whereby any citations that are paid to the City of Hyattsville that are currently on hold with MVA will be automatically submitted for a VR-119 electronically. The VR-119 form process described above is only in the case where the flag release is needed the same day as payment is made.

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1. How do I have the flag removed?
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