How are sites selected?
A variety of factors are used to determine the automated speed enforcement deployment locations, including:

• Location of school zone (e.g., must be on a street/road with a speed limit of less than 45 mph, spreading out sites to achieve maximum effect, etc.)
• Safety Data (e.g. children exposure /risk, congestion, crash history, violation history, etc.)
• Temporary Traffic Control Set-up (e.g., number of lanes, time of day, duration of school, etc.)

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1. What is the City of Hyattsville Safe Speed Automated Speed Enforcement Program?
2. What are the hours of operation?
3. What are the guiding principles of the City of Hyattsville Safe Speed Program?
4. How does the program work?
5. How are sites selected?
6. How does the camera know when a violation has occurred?