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Hyattsville's Canopy Conservation Project

The City of Hyattsville was awarded a 2023 Stormwater Stewardship Grant from Prince George's County and the Chesapeake Bay Trust to conserve our tree canopy by removing invasive vines. One of trees' many benefits is the critical role they play in filtering stormwater and preventing erosion with their complex root systems. Unfortunately our City is losing many trees due to an overgrowth of invasive vines that stunt young trees and strangle mature ones.

Through the grant the City is partnering with the Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN) to empower residents to be tree stewards. The Anacostia Watershed Society will also provide workshops in Spanish. CCAN has a proven track record in this work, saving 4,000 trees without the use of herbicides in Takoma Park, MD!

Additional creative vine removal tactics, like grazing goats!, will help City staff preserve our tree canopy without the use of potentially harmful herbicides.

  1. Priyanka Joshi

    Deputy Director, Environmental Operations

  2. Dawn Taft

    Environmental Programs Manager, City Arborist

  3. Colin Morrison

    Environmental Coordinator

Save our trees! Volunteers needed!

CCAN assessed City trees and identified approximately 3,747 trees currently being strangled by invasive vines on public and private property. The City is looking for volunteers to assist with invasive vine removal to save these trees!

Registration is now open for our invasive vine removal trainings this fall! Upcoming confirmed dates are as follows:

  • September 30, 9 AM-Noon, at the Prince George's Plaza Community Center, 6600 Adelphi Road
  • October 14, 9 AM-Noon, at the University Hills Duck Pond Park, 3400 Stanford Street
  • November 11, 9 AM-Noon, at the First United Methodist Church, 6201 Belcrest Road

Please register here for the trainings listed above.

During the training participants will learn the skills and tools needed to remove vines without harming the tree. These skills can be applied at home or to support neighbors in need of tree care. CCAN will be organizing groups of trained volunteers to assist with the trees at most risk over the next several months.

Snacks and water will be provided at the trainings, though we do recommend people bring their own water bottles. Participants will be working outdoors and in brush and should be dressed appropriately (pants, long-sleeved shirts, and hats). Tools (pruning clippers, hand saw) and gloves will be provided, but please bring your own if you have them! 

Because we will be using sharp tools, we ask that participants be ages 13 and up to safely participate.

For questions about the Canopy Conservation project please contact environment@hyattsville.org or call 301-985-5032.

Driskell Park Goats

Audubon Bird-Friendly Habitat Certification

Native plants are beautiful, require less water and maintenance, and provide shelter and food for local wildlife. Email audubonwildlifehabitat@gmail.com to request a FREE site visit from a Prince George’s County Audubon Society Habitat Advisor and receive suggestions that will put you on the path towards Audubon Bird-Friendly Habitat certification. The first 25 City residents to complete the program will receive a free yard certification sign courtesy of the City of Hyattsville!

Watch our January 2023 recording about available resources and support through the Habitat Advisor program.

Driskell Park Tree Tour

Walk the Driskell Park woods with this tree tour map to identify local tree species! Trees along the route are identified by informational signage.

Hyattsville Green Housekeeping Resources

Learn how to keep your home and our environment safe with the resources provided at the City's March 2022 Green Housekeeping Workshops. Workshops were offered in partnership with the Prince George's County Department of the Environment with assistance from the Anacostia Watershed Society, and Defensores de la Cuenca.

Anacostia Watershed Stewards

Are you ready to be an environmental leader for Hyattsville? The City of Hyattsville sponsors City residents to participate in the Anacostia Watershed Stewards Academy! Participants receive specialized education to recognize and address local water pollution. As part of their coursework, they will lead community projects to improve the quality of our streams and rivers. 

Click here to learn more about the program. If you'd like to receive a sponsorship to participate in a future co-hort, please contact environment@hyattsville.org.

Resource Guides

Leading a more eco-friendly lifestyle is easy and fun! Whether you're already an environmental champion, or you're looking for where to start, the City of Hyattsville and The Neighborhood Design Center are here to help. 

The Action Guides linked below provide guidance for community members to keep our planet happy and healthy. Together we can make lifestyle choices that not only fit the planet’s biocapacity, but help us save money and feel healthier to boot!

How Do I Become an Environmental Champion?
How Do I Build & Install a Rain Barrel?
How Do I Create a Native Pollinator Garden?
How Do I Design & Build a Rain Garden?
How Do I Identify & Remove Weeds?
How Do I Increase Energy Efficiency?
How Do I Pick Suitable Native Plants?
How Do I Plant a Tree?
How Do I Remove English Ivy?
How Do I Weatherize My House?
How Do I Use Leaves for Mulch?

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