Street Access & Construction Permits

Permits are required before residents can use or modify a public right of way. This includes storing containers on the road and installing or altering a driveway or walkway. 

Construction Permitting Process

Before beginning any driveway installation, replacement or alteration, residents must first apply for a permit from Prince George's County.

Once the County permit has been obtained, residents must submit a Driveway/Street Apron Construction Permit with a $50 permit fee to the City.

If you are replacing or installing a driveway apron there is an additional refundable fee of $200. The $200 is refunded one year after the driveway installation if the concrete is in satisfactory condition. No work may start until you have an approved City D/SAC permit.

Street Access Permits

Before installing a walkway or placing a temporary storage container on the street, or doing any other work in the public right of way, residents must submit a Street Access/Right of Way Usage Permit with a $50 permit fee to City.

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