Crime Reports

There are multiple ways to access crime information in the City of Hyattsville. 

City Crime Reports

Use the links below to see weekly, monthly, and annual crime reports and statistics.

Crime Digest

Crime Statistical Reports

City Protect

Through the City of Hyattsville’s City Protect system, community members can more easily connect with the Hyattsville Police Department and play a greater role in community policing efforts.

In City Protect you can:

View up-to-date crime statistics and maps
The crime map module displays verified crime incidents in the City searchable by specific areas and addresses. Incidents are categorized by general types (property, violent) and category (B&E, Assault, Robbery, etc.) with ability to filter by type, date, and time. You do not need an account to view this information.

Crime data can also be downloaded using the crime data module (requires a City Protect account).

Subscribe to receive crime updates
Create a City Protect account and subscribe to the Hyattsville Police Department to receive updates when new crimes are added to the map.

File non-emergency police requests
Select the forms module to make non-emergency requests like alarm registrations, child safety seat installations, ride-along requests, report requests, community meeting requests, security surveys, etc. You do not need an account to access the forms.

Camera Registration
Select the camera registration module to voluntarily register your home or business camera with the Hyattsville Police Department in the event that it may be useful for criminal investigations (requires a City Protect account).

This registration is not publicly listed and does not provide the HPD access to the camera, only the location, the direction the camera is pointing, features of the camera, contact information (name, email, phone), and a description. HPD can use the list to locate potential cameras to assist in investigations. HPD will contact the camera owner for permission to view the footage if it is determined there may be helpful data.

 City Protect Flyer -- HPD (002)