Election Results

2023 Citywide Election Results

The results for the 2023 City Election were certified by the Board of Supervisors of Elections on May 11, 2023.

2023 Hyattsville Election Unofficial Election Results (3)

Mayor: Robert Croslin, 1341 votes
Ward 1: Joanne Waszczak, 420 votes
Ward 2: Danny Schaible, 448 votes
Ward 3: Alexander Houck, 98 votes
Ward 3: Kareem Redmond, 171 votes
Ward 4: Michelle Lee, 161 votes
Ward 5: Joseph Solomon, 174 votes

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2022 Ward 2 Special Election Results

View the certified results of the 2022 Ward 2 Special Election here.
Total voters: 698

2022 Special Mayoral Election Results

View the certified results of the 2022 Special Mayoral Election here.
Total voters: 2,367

2021 Ward 1 Special Election Results

View the certified results of the Ward 1 Special Election

Total Voters: 667 (Percentage of registered voters: 22.4%)

2021 Results

View the 2021 Certified Results of the City Election.
Find the write-in candidates.

2021 Voter Turnout

All Wards
Total Voters: 3222 (Percentage of registered voters: 28.2%)

Ward One 
Total Voters: 963 (Percentage of registered voters: 31.3%) 

Ward Two 
Total Voters: 930 (Percentage of registered voters: 36.4%)

Ward Three
Total Voters: 592 (Percentage of registered voters: 20.8%)

Ward Four 
Total Voters: 394 (Percentage of registered voters 24.1%)

Ward Five 
Total Voters: 343 (Percentage of registered voters 25.5%)

2019 Results

View the 2019 Certified Results of the City Elections. Results include Vote-by-Mail and Provisional Ballot counts.

2017 Results

Ward One 
Certified Results - Ward One

Ward Two 
Certified Results - Ward Two 

Ward Three 
Certified Results - Ward Three

Ward Four 
Certified Results - Ward Four

Ward Five 
Certified Results - Ward Five 

Advisory, Non-Binding Referendum on Composition of Council 
Certified Results - Referendum