Election Results

2021 Ward 1 Special Election Results

View the certified results of the Ward 1 Special Election

Total Voters: 667 (Percentage of registered voters: 22.4%)

2021 Results

View the 2021 Certified Results of the City Election.
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2021 Voter Turnout

All Wards
Total Voters: 3222 (Percentage of registered voters: 28.2%)

Ward One 
Total Voters: 963 (Percentage of registered voters: 31.3%) 

Ward Two 
Total Voters: 930 (Percentage of registered voters: 36.4%)

Ward Three
Total Voters: 592 (Percentage of registered voters: 20.8%)

Ward Four 
Total Voters: 394 (Percentage of registered voters 24.1%)

Ward Five 
Total Voters: 343 (Percentage of registered voters 25.5%)

2019 Results

View the 2019 Certified Results of the City Elections. Results include Vote-by-Mail and Provisional Ballot counts.

2017 Results

Ward One 
Certified Results - Ward One

Ward Two 
Certified Results - Ward Two 

Ward Three 
Certified Results - Ward Three

Ward Four 
Certified Results - Ward Four

Ward Five 
Certified Results - Ward Five 

Advisory, Non-Binding Referendum on Composition of Council 
Certified Results - Referendum