Planning & Zoning

The City of Hyattsville carries out and participates in numerous plans and planning processes. Zoning is generally conducted by Prince George's County and the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission, but the City can choose to provide opinions on zoning decisions. The County's Planning Board holds meetings each Thursday in the County Administration Building in Upper Marlboro to consider planning, zoning, and subdivision matters.

Community Sustainability Plan

In May 2017, the City Council adopted Speak Up HVL: The 2017 – 2021 Community Sustainability Plan as its most recent sustainability plan for the City. A Community Sustainability Plan is strategic document used to list priorities, set goals and measure progress over a five-year period. View the plan and details about the process.

Citywide Transportation Study

In the summer of 2017, the City of Hyattsville launched a study to develop the Hyattsville Transportation Plan. This plan will help the City improve existing transportation infrastructure, carry out new projects, and determine priorities for the next 20 years. 

Gateway Arts District Sector Plan

The Prince George’s County Gateway Arts District Sector Plan area encompasses the municipalities of Mount Rainier, Brentwood, North Brentwood, and Hyattsville but excludes the Prince George’s Plaza and West Hyattsville transit districts. The Arts District is a focal point for arts activities of all types, as well as for socializing, entertainment, dining, shopping and living. It offers the richness and diversity of the metropolitan region. It was written after community charrettes in 2002. 

Prince George's Plaza Transit District Development Plan

The Prince George’s Plaza Transit District Development Plan (TDDP) was first created in 1998 to enhance development opportunities and promote transit use at the Prince George’s Plaza Metro station. In July 2016, the Prince George's County District Council approved the update of the TDDP which will replace the 1998 plan. The TDDP update makes land use and urban design recommendations that promote transit oriented development, provide the background necessary to create a multimodal transportation network and create policies and recommendations to guide future (re)development within the limits of the project boundary. 

West Hyattsville Transit District Development Plan

Development in the West Hyattsville Transit District Overlay Zone (TDOZ) is controlled by the West Hyattsville Transit Development Plan (TDDP). This plan was drafted with community input and contains a comprehensive development vision, development review process requirements, and development standards and guidelines. Together, the TDOZ and TDDP are intended to foster transit-oriented development that increases the use of public transit, maximizes return on investment in transit facilities and services, encourages appropriate development near transit stations with coordinated urban design elements, and increases local tax revenues.