Capital Improvement Projects

The City uses both staff and contractors to keep our public infrastructure in good condition. Below is information on current and upcoming projects. 

Please be advised that additional construction regularly takes place in the City limits by County, State, WSSC, Washington Gas, and PEPCO crews and private property owners. The City is not always advised when these projects are taking place. If there are any questions about work in the City please contact (301) 985-5032.

Church Place Alley

The City of Hyattsville has been coordinating with the businesses along Church Place to address issues of traffic congestion and loading. Priorities in the redesign include clearly designated loading zones, increased signage and roadway markings, new parking spaces along Gallatin Street, the addition of a new public seating area. Learn more about this project at!

Cool Green Bus Shelters

The City has purchased ten new "Cool Green Bus Shelters" through the University Park, MD based company Living Canopies! These innovative structures are designed to provide eco-friendly shading and seating using solar panels and a green roof with living plants. The solar panels provide power for phone charging stations and wi-fi access. 

View a map of the proposed locations for the shelters. These locations are suggestions that meet the criteria of a bus stop without an existing shelter and enough space for a concrete pad to locate the new shelter. These locations are not final and subject to change.

In March 2023, Public Works Deputy Director Hal Metzler hosted a community webinar about the shelters. Watch the recording.

Gallatin Street Traffic Calming Project

The City of Hyattsville is evaluating traffic calming measures for the 3500 - 3700 blocks of Gallatin Street. Community members along that street petitioned the City for a review of traffic controls in order to reduce speeding and running stop signs through this residential area.

The proposed traffic calming plan was shared with community members at a public meeting on August 27, 2022. Based on community feedback, the final plan was shared at a community meeting on May 25. Learn more about this project at!

Jefferson Street Bike Boulevard

The Citywide Transportation Study recommended Jefferson Street be designated as a Bike Boulevard to enhance pedestrian and traffic safety. City staff presented recommendations provided by a Toole Design Group study to determine appropriate traffic calming measures along Jefferson Street from Queens Chapel Road to Baltimore Avenue.

Jefferson Street Bike Boulevard Concept Design Plans_March 2021
Watch the recording of the March 25, 2021 Public Meeting to review the Concept Design Plans
The first phase of the project was installed in July 2022, including updated signage and newly painted bike right of ways, crosswalks, and temporary bump outs. The bump outs are delineated by temporary bollards to allow traffic engineers to study how the bump outs perform before adding permanent curbs and raingardens.

King Park Renovation - 4205 Gallatin Street

Robert J. King Park, a small pocket park located at 4205 Gallatin Street, is undergoing a major renovation to address stormwater and landscape management concerns. A new playground structure and restored pavilion area will be a part of the renovation process. The park is expected to reopen in the Spring of 2024.

View the updated park plans here!

Lower Ward 1 Gravel Wetland

An innovative, engineered wetland has been installed near the intersection of Charles Armentrout Drive and 42nd Place. 42nd Place has been repaved to slope slightly toward the wetland, directing water first into a rock bed, then into the planted wetland. Plants lower in the wetland thrive in moist to wet conditions, while plants higher-up can survive in both wet and dry conditions. The roots of the plants help filter pollutants before the water re-enters the Anacostia watershed. All plants are native, providing a habitat for local insects and wildlife along what is otherwise an industrial road.

The completed wetland should prevent flooding and standing water issues on the roadway for regular storms, up to a 10-year storm event

The wetland is the first step in a comprehensive plan to address stormwater related flooding in Hyattsville’s lower Ward 1 neighborhood. This area, bounded by Alternate Route 1, the CSX right-of-way, and the Northwest Branch of the Anacostia River, has had persistent flood events affecting residents and businesses. In 2019 the City contracted with the Low Impact Development Center to provide recommendations to address stormwater related concerns.

Read the full study with suggested mitigation strategies

Nicholson Street Traffic Calming Project

The City of Hyattsville and Toole Design are considering traffic calming strategies for the 3000 block of Nicholson Street, across from Heurich Park.

A community meeting to discuss the project was held on July 27, 2023 and public comment was accepted on until August 10. Review the draft plans and community member feedback at

Oliver Street Green Alley

Oliver Alley, located north of Oliver Street between 43rd Ave and Baltimore Ave is being reconstructed as a green alleyway. Green alleys incorporate features such as permeable pavement and vegetation to slow, filter and cleanse stormwater runoff. The revitalized alleyway will also provide a safe pass through for pedestrians looking to avoid walking along a busy stretch of Route 1/Baltimore Ave.

Police and Public Safety Building - 3505 Hamilton Street

The building at 3505 Hamilton Street, formerly the regional headquarters of BB&T Bank, is slated to become the new Hyattsville Police and Public Safety Building. The Public Safety Building will be the new home of the Hyattsville Police Department, in addition to public meeting space, emergency space and services, and social and mental health assistance and referral services. Construction is underway and expected to be completed in 2024.

Street Art Pilot Program

The City of Hyattsville is implementing a pilot project to increase safety and beautify City streets with art. Installed designs will add a pop of color to the streetscape while more clearly defining traffic and pedestrian right of ways. Watch the recording of the April 20, 2023 Community Meeting to learn more about the project. 

Thank you to all who submitted ideas and voted for the final designs! The asphalt art at the intersection of Jefferson Street and 40th Avenue was installed in June 2023. Images are available at

Community Paint Day!

Installation of the Church Place Alley asphalt art will take place between September 26 - 29, 2023. Community members are invited to help complete the project at a Community Paint Day on September 30, from 1-3 p.m.!

Registration for the community paint day opens on September 7 at 9 a.m. here and will close by September 28 or once all slots have been filled.

Teen Center - 40th and Nicholson Street

The building and surrounding parkland at 5812 40th Avenue will become the new home for the City's Teen Center! Construction is underway on the building's interior and with the goal of opening in late 2023. A second phase of the project will redesign the surrounding park into a multi-generational park space.

View the concept plans

The Spot

The City of Hyattsville has contracted with the Neighborhood Design Center (NDC) to engage the community and create a conceptual redesign of The Spot, based on input gathered from community members.

The Spot is land currently owned by the City at 4505 Hamilton Street, formerly the site of now demolished auto repair shops. Since 2021 the site has served as a community gathering place, programmed and furnished by the SoHy Coop through a Special Use Agreement with the City. The Trolley Trail, a multi-use path that connects College Park, Riverdale Park, and Hyattsville, runs along the west side of The Spot. 

An opportunity exists to transform the land into a community gathering space that supports residents, trail users, local businesses, and visitors. 

Learn more about this project and view the Concept Design at Take a short survey to give us your feedback on the design until September 23!

University Hills Streets and Sidewalks

All streets in the University Hills neighborhood have been recently reconstructed. Work began on the Wells Boulevard Green Street project in December 2021. The final raingarden installations will take place in the summer/fall of 2023. Click here to see the plan

For more information

Please visit our Street & Sidewalks page for information about street and sidewalk improvements being completed by the City of Hyattsville or regional agencies like the Maryland State Highway Administration or Prince George’s County Department of Public Works and Transportation.

Information about private development taking place in the City, like retail and residential projects, can be found on our Community Development Projects web pages.

Requests to address infrastructure concerns like street or sidewalk repairs, overflowing waste bins, or code infractions can be submitted on our Requests page.