Streets & Sidewalks

The City owns and maintains most, but not all, of the residential streets and sidewalks within City limits. The City regularly repairs pot holes, patches cement, clears storm drains, fixes trip hazards and maintains center line stripes and other traffic and parking painting. 

  1. Public Works

    Main Line | 7 AM - 3:30 PM

Maintenance Requests

Street and sidewalk maintenance can only be performed by the government with jurisdiction over the street or sidewalk. Below is a list of the streets maintained by Prince George's County and the Maryland State Highway Administration, and an interactive map identifying roadway ownership is available here. 

Maintenance issues on City owned roadways can be made by calling (301) 985-5032 or by visiting our Requests web page. Additional exceptions are streets owned and maintained by condominium associations, shopping centers, businesses, or apartments.

Prince George's County Roads

All problems on these roadways should be reported by calling 311 or using the 311 online service center.

  • Adelphi Road
  • Ager Road
  • Belcrest Road
  • Charles Armentrout Drive
  • Hamilton Street (between Ager Road and Queens Chapel Road)
  • Jamestown Road (between Ager Road and Queens Chapel Road)
  • Toledo Place
  • Toledo Terrace

Maryland State Highway Administration Roads

All problems on these roadways should be reported to the State Highway Administration at (301) 513-7308.

  • 38th Avenue/MD 208 (between Hamilton Street and Brentwood)
  • Baltimore Avenue/Route 1
  • East-West Highway/MD 410
  • Hamilton Street (between Queens Chapel Road and 38th Avenue)
  • Queens Chapel Road/MD 500
  • Rhode Island Avenue/Alternate Route 1

Traffic Calming Devices

Residents desiring traffic calming devices must seek the support of the neighbors on their block using this Petition to the City of Hyattsville form. Once 60% of the neighbors on a block have signed the petition, it will be considered by the City. Completed petitions may be submitted to the City Clerk's office by email or in person during business hours.

Multimodal Toolkit

The City of Hyattsville and Toole Design developed a Multimodal Toolkit to help interested residents and stakeholders understand the variety of traffic calming solutions available in our community. 

Click Here to Access the Toolkit

The toolkit is a collection of street treatments designed to calm motor vehicle traffic and reduce crashes, particularly crashes between motor vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists. Each tool is presented with a description of the street treatment and its purpose, locations where it is typically used, how it addresses roadway safety, considerations in design and placement, expected reduction in crashes (where available), and estimated cost and installation time.

Sidewalk Policy & Permits

The City of Hyattsville's sidewalk policy aims to ensure that all pedestrians can traverse the City safely and efficiently while also incorporating public input into the design and re-design of sidewalks. Please click here to view the entire Sidewalk Policy and for instructions on requesting sidewalk modifications.

Permits are required before modifying a public right of way like a sidewalk or driveway. Find more information on our Street Access & Construction Permits page.

Current Street Projects:

The City of Hyattsville and Pennoni Associates have developed a plan for traffic calming measures for the 3500 - 3700 blocks of Gallatin Street. Community members along that street petitioned the City for a review of traffic controls in order to reduce speeding and running stop signs through this residential area. 

Find more information about this project on our Capital Improvements page. Construction is expected to begin in February 2024.