Elected offices of the City of Hyattsville include the Mayor and 10 Council Members. The City is divided into five Wards with two Council Members representing each Ward. The Mayor and Council Members are elected to four-year terms. The most recent City-wide election took place on Tuesday, May 9, 2023. 

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Register to vote!

All City residents 16 and older who have lived in Hyattsville for more than 30 days by May 9, 2023 can vote in the upcoming election. U.S. citizenship is not a requirement to vote in City elections!

Registered Hyattsville residents who voted in the previous elections do not need to re-register unless an address change is needed.

Most Hyattsville Residents are eligible to register to vote in City elections using the Maryland State Voter Registration Form. If you are already a registered voter with the State of Maryland you do not need to re-register for City elections.

16- and 17 year-olds who will be eligible to vote in County, State, and Federal elections at age 18 should use the Maryland State Voter Registration Form. Maryland allows 16 year-olds to pre-register to vote using this form.

Forms must be submitted according to State guidelines Download:

Hyattsville residents who are not U.S. citizens, or do not wish to register with the State, may use the Hyattsville City Voter Registration Form. Forms must be submitted to the City of Hyattsville. Download:

Paper copies of the forms are available per request by calling 301-985-5001 or emailing electionboard@hyattsville.org.

Election Legislation

The City Council has recently updated several sections of the City Charter and Code required to conduct a Special Election in 2022. The most recent updates to the City Charter and Code are listed below.


Contact the City Clerk's Office at cityclerk@hyattsville.org or (301) 985-5009.

File a Complaint

If you'd like to file an election complaint in violation of City Code Chapter 8, please complete the form and email to electionboard@hyattsville.org

  1. Board of Supervisors of Elections

  2. Laura Reams

    Director of Comms & Legislative Svcs, City Clerk

  3. Nate Groenendyk

    Deputy City Clerk

  4. Lillie Littleford

    City Clerk Administrative Assistant