City Administrator


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A message from City Administrator Tracey Douglas:

I am honored to serve as the City Administrator for this growing and diverse community.

Hyattsville is a vibrant community, committed to the arts, environmental sustainability, cultural diversity, and smart growth infrastructure investments. I lead a staff of nearly 100 City employees, all of whom work diligently to provide residents and visitors a safe, welcoming environment to live, work and play.  

Hyattsville is also a community that is developing. There is a collective regional effort to create a new downtown near the Hyattsville Crossing Metro Station, anchored by a Safeway at the University Town Center and redevelopment of the former the Kiplinger site. Along the Route One Corridor businesses are moving in and Arts District townhomes are being built. The City has helped facilitate this by upgrading commercial facades, providing additional parking options, and improving sidewalks and roadways. Throughout the City we’re also replacing playgrounds, upgrading parks, and expanding child and youth programming.  Prince George’s County Public Schools also helped our youngest residents by building Edward Felegy Elementary, a beautiful new performing arts school.

The City staff and I are here to serve and support you, and we look forward to meeting and interacting with you.  Please take advantage of the opportunities, events and programs we offer year round – which can be found on the calendar page of this site, and are also highlighted in our newsletter and on our cable station.  I also encourage you to sign up for notifications by email or text message, so you’ll always know how you can take advantage of everything this wonderful community has to offer.

This really is a good place to live.


Here are a few more facts about our community:

  • We are a State of Maryland Designated Sustainable Community.
  • We are the 5th most walkable community in the state. 
  • We have a culturally diverse population of approximately 17,000 people, split almost evenly into thirds – Hispanic, white and African American.
  • The Prince George's Community Center is designated as one of five regional community centers in the County's 2035 Plan.
  • We are one of very few communities that enjoy two metro stations (West Hyattsville and Hyattsville Crossing).
  • We are in the Gateway Arts and Entertainment District, a business tax-credit area designated by the State of Maryland.
  • We are a Healthy Eating Active Living city endorsed by the HEAL Cities & Towns Campaign.

Our Goals include:

  • Ensure Transparent and Accessible Governance
  • Ensure the Long-Term Economic Viability of the City
  • Promote a Safe and Vibrant Community
  • Foster Excellence in City Operations
  • Strengthen the City’s Identity as a Diverse, Creative and Welcoming Community