Dewey Property

Project Description:

The Dewey Property is a total of 21.16 acres, zoned M-U-I/T-D-O, and located north of Toledo Road, east of Belcrest Road, and west of Adelphi Road. See vicinity map below.


The existing conditions of the property consist of a paved parking surface on the southwest and north areas of the site. The northeast section of the site is adjacent to Adelphi Road and consists of unimproved green space. 

The property was rezoned through the adoption of the 2016 Approved Prince George’s Plaza Transit District Development Plan and Transit District Overlay Zoning Map Amendment. The TDDP recommends mixed-use land uses on the subject property. The subject property contains both Downtown Core and Neighborhood Edge Character Areas.

The property has been the subject of two separate preliminary plans of subdivision due to division of ownership. It is comprised of five (5) parcels. See image below.

Pending cases in the table above have been approved by the M-NCPPC Planning Board, but are awaiting review by the District Council.