Room Reservations

Due to COVID-19, the conference rooms at the City Municipal building are not currently available for meeting reservations as access to the building is limited to staff and essential business.  We will make a public announcement when conditions or circumstances change to allow the reopening of our conference rooms for meeting reservations.

City resident groups and nonprofit organizations can reserve rooms in the Hyattsville City Building (4310 Gallatin Street) for their meetings and activities. There is no charge for the rooms, but a $50 deposit is required to ensure the rooms are kept clean. Rooms are only available to registered room users.

How to Register

To register as a room user, each group must submit this online registration form to show that they meet the requirements for room use. Once the form is submitted, a City employee will contact you to confirm or deny registration and, if confirmed, request the $50 deposit. Registered users must be one of the following types of organizations:

  • Resident groups in which more than one fourth of members are City residents. Proof of resident status may be required.
  • Nonprofit organizations that are located in the City.
  • Government organizations and elected officials.

The complete list of room reservation policies is available here

How to Reserve

Only registered room users can reserve the rooms. If your group has not yet registered, please see above.

Once registered, groups must submit this online reservation form to request reservations. One form can be submitted for multiple recurring reservations. Non-recurring reservations will each require their own form. Once the form has been submitted, a City employee will contact you to discuss availability and confirm or deny the reservation. Rooms are to be used for only the meetings and activities of registered user groups. The following activities are prohibited:

  • Partisan or campaign related (except for a candidate’s forum for City elections, if conducted by a neutral community oriented public service organization).
  • Religious worship/services.
  • Celebrations (for example - birthday parties, baby and bridal showers, wedding receptions, holiday parties, staff celebrations, etc.).
  • Events that require an entrance fee.  

The complete list of room use rules is available here.