Aldi Expansion Project

Project Description

In June 2018, an application was received by the City of Hyattsville for an expansion of the Aldi grocery store located at 3025 Hamilton Street. 

The applicant is planning to expand the square footage of the store by approximately 3,100 square feet. This would bring the total interior square footage of the store to approximately 20,500 square feet. As a part of the expansion, the applicant intends to replace windows, doors and signage on the property. The parking lot of the store will be improved as a part of the project, along with new landscaping to be planted around the perimeter of the property. In addition to exterior improvement, the interior of the store will have a full renovation. The applicant anticipates that there will be a closure of the store for approximately 6 weeks to facilitate the renovation and expansion. The applicant intends to have the expansion project complete in Winter 2018/2019. 

The detailed site plan for the project was supported by the Hyattsville City Council on June 16, 2018, and subsequently approved by the Prince George’s County Planning Board on July 19, 2018. Full application details can be found here

Aldi Illustrative

Aldi Rendering