Sacred Heart Home

Project Description

Sacred Heart Home is facility located on an 8.9 acre swath of forested land at 5808 Queen's Chapel Road. Built in 1926, the facility is now used as a nursing home with the capacity to care for up to 100 residents. The property also contains a convent and priest's quarters. 

The proposed site plan for the property calls for raising and rebuilding of both the convent and the nursing home. The convent will increase in size, however site plan proposes reducing the number of beds in the nursing home to 44, thereby reducing the square footage of the facility. The convent will remain in roughly the same location, while the nursing home will be relocated on the site. The project will occur in three phases: Phase I - demolition and rebuilding of the convent; Phase 2 - building of new nursing facility; Phase III - demolition of the existing nursing facility and construction of a breezeway connecting the convent to the new nursing home. The intent of the phasing is to keep the facility in operation throughout the process of construction. 

On March 19, 2018, the City Council voted to support the DSP application. The application was subsequently approved by the Prince George's County Planning Board on May 10, 2018. Review the full application

The convent building has been razed and the site is currently under construction. The existing building will be occupied by residents until the new 69,430 SF Nursing Home and Convent is complete. Once the new building is complete, residents will move into the new building and the old facility will be demolished.

Sacred Heart Proposal

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