Yard Waste


Yard Waste is collected weekly on Mondays, except for holidays. Yard waste is collected separately so that it can be disposed of at the County’s yard waste composting facility. If yard waste is mixed with household trash it is not accepted as yard waste and will be collected as household waste. During any holiday week there is no yard waste collection.

All yard waste must be in paper bags or trash cans. Please do not use your City-issued trash bin.
Acceptable items include yard debris, leaves, grass clippings and tree branches. Branches should not exceed four feet in length and six inches in diameter and must be tied in bundles or placed in containers to be collected.
Unacceptable items include bamboo, dirt, stumps and treated lumber, painted wood, pallets and similar items. 

Leaf Collection

To learn about the the City's leaf collection service, please visit Leaf Collection.