Financial Disclosures

In 2022, the City Council adopted Hyattsville Ordinance 2022-08, which included a requirement from the State Ethics Commission to post a summary of the submitted Financial Disclosure Forms for candidates and seated elected officials. To view a copy of an individuals Financial Disclosure Form in full, please email

Financial Disclosure Form - Schedules may be viewed on the form. 

Schedule A: Real Property Interests
Schedule B: Interests in Corporations and Partnerships
Schedule C: Interests in Business Entities Doing Business with the City
Schedule D: Officers, Directorships, Salaried Employment and Similar Interests
Schedule E: Debts You Owe
Schedule F: Gifts
Schedule G: Family Members Employed by the City
Schedule H: Employment/Business Ownership
Schedule I: Disclosure of Interest-Representation before a City Agency
Schedule J: Disclosure of Interest: Interest in a Business Regulated by a City Agency
Schedule K: Disclosure of Interest in a Business
Schedule L: Financial/Contractual Relationship with Government Entity
Schedule M: Beneficiary or Settlor of an Estate or Trust
Schedule N: Other

2023 Election Financial Disclosures:

Candidate NameReported Schedules
Robert S. CroslinSchedules A, H, and N
Danny SchaibleSchedules A, E, and H
Joseph SolomonSchedules A, B, H, and K
Kareem RedmondSchedules A and H
Michelle LeeSchedules A and H
Joanne WaszczakSchedules A and H
Alexander HouckSchedules A, H, and L

2023 Elected Official Financial Disclosures:

Elected Official NameReported Schedules
Sam DenesSchedules A and H
Emily StabSchedules A, D and H
Jimmy McClellanSchedules A and H
Edouard HabaSchedules A and H
Rommel Sandino