Walk to School Day

On October 5, elected officials and community leaders will be walking to local elementary schools.

We invite all students and parents to join us! Meet us at the beginning of the route at 7:15 a.m., or along the way. We'll have free gifts for all participating students!

Here are the routes:

Felegy Elementary
From 37th Avenue and Nicholson along Nicholson
From 31st Avenue and Jamestown along 31st Avenue

Hyattsville Elementary
From 42nd Avenue and Hyattsville Middle School along 42nd Avenue and then Jefferson Street
From 39th Avenue and Longfellow along Longfellow and then 42nd Avenue and then Jefferson Street
From Magruder Park along 39th Avenue and then Jefferson Street
From the EYA on Jefferson Street along Jefferson Street

Rosa Parks Elementary
From the Kirkwood Apartments along Ager Road
Felegy Elementary Flyer
Hyattsville Elementary Flyer
Rosa Parks Elementary Flyer