Teen Advisory Committee


City staff, the Mayor, and Council endeavor to positively engage Hyattsville’s youth, as evidenced by the recent extension of the right to vote in municipal elections to 16‐ and 17‐year‐olds. Establishment of this Committee would further demonstrate Hyattsville’s commitment to its youth.

The details and mission of the Committee are listed below:

The  TAC  shall  be  a  9‐member  committee  consisting  of  a  Chair,  Secretary,  and  7  at‐large  members. Committee members must be 13‐ to 19‐years‐olds who live within the City of Hyattsville  or  attend  a  school  within  the  City’s  boundaries.  At  least  50%+1  of  the  sitting  committee members must be residents of the City of Hyattsville. Members of the TAC shall be appointed by the Mayor and Council to serve one‐year, renewable terms.

The Committee shall provide the Mayor and Council with meeting minutes and specific written recommendations on youth‐related matters. The Committee is required to hold a minimum of eight monthly meetings each year.

Goals and Objective:

The Teen Advisory Committee (TAC) is established to nurture youth engagement and facilitate a voice  for  youth  concerns  in  our  community.  The  goal  of  TAC  is  to  help  the  City  identify  supportive and meaningful actions to improve or address issues of importance to the residents of Hyattsville.

The TAC works on behalf of the Mayor and City Council to: 

-Develop and recommend programs, projects, or other initiatives affecting the quality of life of residents in the City of Hyattsville.

‐ Develop  high‐impact  partnerships  within  the  community  to  serve  residents’  interests, 

with a focus on youth‐related matters.

‐  Serve as a resource to staff in the development of Citywide programs serving youth.

Advise the Mayor and City Council in the development of policies and positions to advocate on behalf of youth in the City of Hyattsville

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