Employee of the Year

2016 Employee of the Year for Web

Aaron Jones, 2016 Employee of the Year

Each year the City of Hyattsville recognizes one employee as the Employee of the Year, and bestows upon them the Seth Holton Award. Holton was the City's first Clerk. The most recent recipient of the award is Aaron Jones, Vehicle Maintenance Supervisor in the Department
 of Public Works.  Upon receiving the award, Mr. Jones had been with the City of Hyattsville for four years.

Mr. Jones' professionalism, work ethic, commitment to his craft, and focus on the excellence of the City makes him the 2016 Employee of the Year. Mr. Jones is responsible for the maintenance and performance of the City's vehicle fleet, which in recent years came "in house," providing the City cost savings and improved turnaround time for vehicle maintenance. His expertise also helps the City make sound decisions when purchasing new vehicles. In the coming years the City will increase the proportion of vehicle work done in house, and looks forward to doing so under the excellent supervision of Mr. Jones. 
Congratulations Mr. Jones, and thank you for your service to the City of Hyattsville.