The City is proud to be tree-friendly, with an excellent tree canopy for a suburban/urban community. The City plants trees throughout the community, and also maintains and removes trees on City property. Additionally, Pepco maintains trees to ensure clearance around power lines.

Where the City Plants Trees
Trees are generally planted in the spring and fall. Before planting a tree, the City considers many factors, including overall space; underground and above-ground utilities; proximity to driveways, intersections and crosswalks; proximity to other trees; success of other trees in the area. Residents can suggest locations for tree planting, which the City will keep on file and consider. Use this form to submit a request and please understand that you may not receive an immediate response, as planting normally takes place only twice each year.

Residents Planting Trees
To plant trees in the public right of way, a property owner must obtain permission from the City's Director of Public Works. Planting locations and species must be in compliance with the Hyattsville Ordinance 2005-01, the Urban Forest Ordinance. This Ordinance provides detailed information on the criteria that the Shade Tree Board uses in evaluating a permit application and the appeal process. Only tree species listed in the Recommended Tree List, published by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, may be planted.  For more information on the Recommended Tree List please see About the Recommended Tree List.
For more information regarding trees on private property, please reference Chapter 112, Urban Forestry, in the City Code and Charter.

City-Owned Tree Maintenance
The Department of Public Works (DPW) utilizes the services of a State-certified private contractor to remove diseased or dead trees and hazardous limbs from within the City’s right of way. Trees are generally pruned in the spring. Please report any problems with a tree on a City owned street by calling (301) 985-5032. To see the most recent list of planned tree removals and maintenance, click here

Private Property Tree Maintenance
Property owners are responsible for tree maintenance and removal of trees on their property. Before removing a large tree, the City requires the property owner to obtain a permit. If the tree you are requesting to remove measures 50" or greater in circumference (front yard) or 75" or greater in circumference (back yard) a permit is required to have it removed.
Hyattsville Tree Canopy Information