Candidate Information

Candidate Packet

The Candidate Packet for the Special Ward 5 2015 Election is available for pick up at the City Municipal Building, Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 
An electronic copy of the packet is posted below. It is the candidates responsibility to read the packet in its entirety. 

Candidate Registration will open on Monday, July 13th! To register you must return the following documents no later than 5 PM on Friday, August 7, 2015:
1. Candidate Registration Form for Office of Councilmember
2. Certificate of Candidate Qualifications for Office of Councilmember
3. Financial Disclosure Form (this must be notarized, Please contact Laura Reams at 301-985-5009 or to set up an appointment with a City Notary Public. 

In addition, the following forms must be turned into the City Clerk no later than 5 PM on Thursday, September 3, 2015
1. Appointment of Treasurer
2. Acceptance of Treasurer

A list of registered candidates for the Special Ward 5 2015 election will  be posted here. 

Please contact City Clerk, Laura Reams at 301-985-5009 or with any questions. 

The Candidate Packet consists of several documents:

  1. General Information & Table of Contents
  2. Voter Information
  3. Candidate Information
  4. Article II: City Council
  5. Chapter 4: Administration of Government
  6. Election Day
  7. Chapter 8: Elections
  8. Council Information
  9. Article IV: Legislation, Nominations & Elections
  10. Article III: Powers and Duties of Council
  11. Code of Ethics
  12. Candidate Registration Form - Office of Council Member
  13. Certification of Qualifications - Office of Council Member
  14. Financial Disclosure Statement
  15. Report of Contributions & Expenditures
  16. Contributions Log
  17. Expenditures Log
  18. Appointment of Treasurer
  19. Acceptance by Treasurer