Candidate Information

Candidate Packet

Below are links to the 2013 Candidate Packet. These are posted for reference only and are subject to change. An updated Candidate Packet for the 2015 Election will be posted to this page upon approval by the City's Board of Supervisors of Elections.

The Candidate Packet consists of several documents:

  1. General Information & Table of Contents
  2. Voter Information
  3. Candidate Information
  4. Article II: City Council
  5. Chapter 4: Administration of Government
  6. Election Day
  7. Chapter 8: Elections
  8. Council Information
  9. Article IV: Legislation, Nominations & Elections
  10. Article III: Powers and Duties of Council
  11. Code of Ethics
  12. Candidate Registration Form
  13. Financial Disclosure Statement
  14. Report of Contributions & Expenditures
  15. Contributions Log
  16. Expenditures Log
  17. Appointment of Treasurer
  18. Acceptance by Treasurer