Block Party Permit

Download an application for a Block Party permit by clicking here.

Before authorization is granted, applicant must:

  1. Provide dates, times and hundred block(s) for street closure no less than two (2) weeks prior to date of closure.
  2. Provide petition/signatures of residents within the closed area with at least 50% approval for closure request.
  3. Notify all residents within the boundary of the date and times of the closure no less than one week prior to closure.

During/After Block Party, applicant must:

  1. MUST keep street clearance wide enough for emergency vehicle access (police, fire, ambulance).
  2. MUST NOT block fire hydrants.
  3. Set up and take down the City-owned barricades at the beginning and end of the stated times.
  4. Provide name, address and telephone numer of primary and secondary contact persons responsible for all the above.

The Department of Public Works will deliver the necessary cones/barricades within 24 hours to the primary point of contact (or his/her designee) of the scheduled event.