Community & Economic Development

The Community and Economic Development Department facilitates economic development, acquires and administers grant funding, and manages local community planning. We also report on development work in the area, and collect and map local assets. 

Three Business Corridors
Economic development often takes place in one of the City's three active business corridors. 

Prince George's Plaza Transit District is zoned to promote higher density, pedestrian and transit-oriented mixed-use development. It includes University Town Center, Belcrest Center, The Mall at Prince George's and The Shops at Metro. 

The West Hyattsville Metro corridor consists of the Queens Chapel Shopping Center, and is expected to experience considerable high-density, transit-oriented development in the near future. 

The U.S. Route 1 Corridor starts north at the Riverdale Park border and continues south through the EYA development, Franklin's Restaurant, Melrose Park, and includes the Melrose Park Industrial Area. This area is a designated Arts and Entertainment District by the State of Maryland.